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Meet Jessica, Erik & Sofia

Our Story

Dark Chocolate. Unapologetically Dark



We understand being organic is very important, but not only do we strive for quality ingredients we know every single process from plantation to bar. Our supply of single origin cacao beans are naturally grown in the jungles of Central and South America by farms that practice fair labor, meaning there is no slave labor involved and farmers get paid to make a good living wage. Our cacao beans are essentially fermented in their own pulp after harvest and then they are naturally sun dried receiving nature's vitamin D. Once they have been fermented and dried they are sent directly to us in large burlap sacks, and we begin the process from the beans to bring to you a high quality cacao bar.

Our main ingredient is cacao.

We are unapologetically dark in that we are serious about our chocolate and strive to make true dark chocolate. Our chocolate is true in that when we say our chocolate is 80% Cacao it literally means that 80% of the amount used to make the chocolate is cacao and the rest is either sugar or depending on the flavor a minuscule amount of another whole ingredient, so mainly cacao.

We do not add any extra cocoa butter besides the cocoa butter that the bean itself already contains, and we do not add any emulsifiers, such as soy lecithin. Chocolate should be pure, which is why we try to keep it simple with only a couple ingredients. No dairy, no gluten, just pure chocolate.

How did it all begin? 

We are a husband and wife duo that started making chocolate from home a few years back. We love chocolate obviously but we were more intrigued with the history of chocolate. We had both individually taken a few courses focusing on Mesoamerican history before we had ever met since we were anthropology majors, but when we met chocolate became a recurring conversation (because chocolate is awesome!).

Whenever we bought chocolate we would look at the ingredients, and say "why do they have to add so much crap to chocolate?" We thought maybe we could start making our own chocolate during our free time, so we made the decision to start buying small equipment to make chocolate as we experimented with all types of cacao beans and whole ingredients.

​We were home-based and making micro batches, so we were usually giving away chocolate to family and friends (sorry you weren't our friend at the time). As we learned more about chocolate, we read a lot on our own, researched and made trips to delve into the chocolate world. 

Our Process

Sustainable Sourcing

We source direct from a small collection of sustainable & family run farms that we visit and work with directly.

Hand Crafted Care

Every step of the chocolate making process is done by us in house. Cleaning, Roasting, Shell Removal, Refining & Formulation.